G.O.R.E. Score: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (Film)

Original Release Date: February 5, 2016 Run Time: 108 minutes As the saying goes: everything old is new again.  Whether it is trends in fashion, styles of music, or even the food and drink we put in our bodies (the “Paleo diet” is from how long ago?), our society has an interesting penchant for liking […]

AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead” Will Not Reveal the Origin of the Virus

From HNGN: Some disappointing news for fans that thought “The Walking Dead” spinoff show “Fear The Walking Dead” would separate itself from its predecessor: there still won’t be any answers about how the zombie virus actually started. “Fear The Walking Dead” has been billed as a (sort of) prequel to “The Walking Dead” so viewers […]


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New Music Video Features Zombie Short Film

Recently, I was sent some information by a producer at Lazy Monster, a production company based in Paris, France.  A French pop-rock band called Erevan Tusk are launching a new album, and their first release from the record is a track titled “Growing.”  The video for the song is essentially a short film about zombies […]

7 Travel Tips for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

From Yahoo Travel: As part of a epidemiological experiment to model the outbreak of a fast-moving contagious disease, a team of four researchers at Cornell University created a statistical model showing what might happen if zombies descended upon the United States. Luckily for us, it reveals exactly where you should run and hide during a […]

G.O.R.E. Score: Afterlife with Archie

Original Release Date: Oct. 2013 Number of Issues: ongoing series Publisher: Archie Comics ***Editor’s Note: “Afterlife with Archie” is an ongoing comic book series, but it’s the trade paperback collection “Afterlife with Archie: Escape from Riverdale” (issues 1-5) that is specifically being reviewed here. First things first: if you’ve never heard of Archie, it’s probably […]

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G.O.R.E. Score: The Dying Times: Nadene’s Story

G.O.R.E. Score: The Dying Times: Nadene’s Story

Original Release Date: November 2, 2010 Publisher: Late Nite Books Editor’s Note: the version of the book provided for our review is now out of print. The revised second edition can be found by clicking here. Believe it or not, biological warfare isn’t a 20th Century concept. I found out (on good old Wikipedia) that […]


Interview: Mitch Cohen

Interview: Mitch Cohen

Recently I had a chance to bend the ear of writer/director Mitch Cohen, creator of the zombie-centric short film Super Zero, available to watch in it’s entirety online. Check out the fun facts that Mitch shared with me below, and be sure to watch Super Zero a couple hundred times, then help spread the word about it ! […]

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REVIEW: Fear the Walking Dead S1E6, “The Good Man”

REVIEW: Fear the Walking Dead S1E6, “The Good Man”

The intentionally-short first season of Fear the Walking Dead draws to a close with this episode, leaving viewers firmly split on whether this series is a worthy successor/companion to The Walking Dead – or even if it’s a series they want to continue watching at all.   WARNING: What you’re about to read contains spoilers […]