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Ebola-Related Zombie Films Already on their Way to Movie Screens

In a development that should really surprise no one, multiple film companies are already in the late stages of the development and production of undead films that feature everyone’s current favorite “hot topic” disease, the ebola virus, as a primary plot point.  As with all films, especially those featuring the walking dead, judgement should definitely be reserved until viewers actually have the opportunity to view and digest these movies, but the timing and opportunistic nature of the films’ content will naturally lead some to wonder about the authenticity and passion of the filmmakers versus their desire to simply “make a quick buck.”

First up is the blatantly-titled Ebola Zombies, which up until recently was actually registered under the title SARS Zombies, so it seems the filmmakers simply traded one scary-in-the-moment-but-not-at-all-in-the-long-term viral scare for another.  It’s an Asian-made film that – according to the trailer, at least – is just as heavy with living-human-on-living-human martial arts fighting as it is with zombies themselves.

Next is the “we’re trying to be more subtle, but still…EBOLA!” film Plan Z.  A British-made film, this trailer actually looks fairly polished, only uses the E word once in passing on a quick-flash graphic, and must have a decent amount of funding behind it if they can feature the well-known AWOLNation song “Sail” in the trailer.

I personally will continue to wait for a movie to come along that will be simply titled ZombEbola, or perhaps something as direct as Topical Current Event Scary Monster Movie!  All jokes aside,  as we mentioned previously: actual judgement for these films should be reserved until you actually have a chance to view them and form your own opinion on their merits and/or shortcomings.  Check out both trailers below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!


via: Dread Central


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