Do you know of a zombie movie, book, or other project that you would like to see reviewed?

Are you the author or creator of a piece of zombie media or art that you would like to see reviewed by the G.O.R.E. Score?

Do you know of something non-zombie-related, but still pop culture relevant?  We’re interested in that too!

I am currently accepting submissions for any and all things “zombie” – and more – to be reviewed and added to the website! Additionally, reviews, interviews, and select other news pieces will be collected into an ongoing novel-length book series, currently preparing to release it’s third Volume in Spring 2014, so any items reviewed by the website have a great opportunity to reach additional audiences through this additional exposure.

Please contact me using one of the contact methods listed below. If your project is accessible totally online, you can send me the link and I will be happy to assess your work for possible review. If you have a physical book, DVD, etc., that you would like to send to me for review, I will provide an address for you to send your material upon contact.

I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for considering participating in the G.O.R.E. Score!

All submissions, please contact:

Tony Schaab

E-Mail: tony@tonyschaab.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/TonySchaab


8 comments on “Submit/Contact

  1. Hey Tony!

    Loved the review of “Planet Terror”. You were absolutely spot on. I’m old enough that I remember the “Grindhouse” films. We had 4 theaters in the town just “over the river” in East Liverpool, OH and one of them, the “American Theater” played grindhouse pics. THAT’S where we always went. God I miss that place.

    Oh, and by the by, how about linking “The Library” forum on your front page. That’d be cool.


    Thanks Tony and keep up the great work!


  2. You got it, Doc!

    And for everyone reading, you should seriously go check out the Library of the Living Dead’s forum. Lots of nice people and great info for us zombie-lovers! 🙂


  3. OK Tony, how about reviewing Zomblog and Dead: The Ugly Beginning and linking MDP on your site 🙂

    Let me know what you want/need and it is yours!


  4. I just finished posting my book “Behind a Veil of Darkness” on the internet and in the near future will post Part Two. The first two chapters of BVD are available to read on-line and if you like them I will provide the rest of the book for your review.

    Thank you,

    Dave Tyra

    • Hi David, thanks for stopping by the site! Congratulations on finishing your book. While I do review some types of items that exist online, I do try to steer clear of reviewing written items that are posted solely online, due to the teneable nature of something that exists only on the internet. My greatest fear would be that I reviewed something that exists online, and when my readers went to explore that item, it had been significantly changed from what it originally was when I reviewed it. Now, I am certainly not saying that is something you would do, but I hope you can understand and appreciate my concern.

      The reasoning actually works both ways, for the protection of my integrity AND the integrity of the creator of the reviewed item. If I reviewed a great book that existed solely online, then after my review the story was picked up by a publisher, heavily edited, and re-released, my review wouldn’t be accurate to what actually exists in that printed edition. Conversely, if I reviewed an online book that had room for improvements and then the book it was edited, improved, and printed after I posted my review, I would actually be doing the author a dis-service by circulating a review that was not indicative of the author’s current work.

      That’s a pretty long-winded way of saying that I don’t review items that exist solely in the online environment, but I hope it all makes sense. If you find a publisher for your book or decide to self-publish, I hope you’ll contact me via e-mail or phone call and I would be happy to take a look at your work!


  5. I’m not sure what your “upcoming review” schedule looks like, but is there time to add Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated?

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