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E-Mail: Tony@TonySchaab.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tonyschaab
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tonyschaab
Website: http://www.TonySchaab.com

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TonyTony Schaab is living the dream: author by day, DJ by night. Working as a DJ and Master of Ceremonies since 1999, he has performed MC/DJ work for the NFL, MTV, NBA, Wizard World Comic Con, PGA, IndyCar, and countless private events. He is the creator of TheGOREScore.com and is an award-winning author and best-selling review critic, with his book series “The G.O.R.E. Score: A Review Guide to All Things Zombie” being a 7-time #1 best-seller (Amazon Kindle, Pop Culture chart, 2012-2015). The coming year will see the release of his humorous “memoir” novel Confessions of a Wedding DJ and a full-length fiction novelization of the “classic” movie Plan 9 from Outer Space. Tony lives in Indianapolis with his wife, daughter, and two rambunctious dogs.

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