“Zombie-Proof” Cabin comes with a 10-year Anti-Zombie Guarantee

  From our friends at C-NET: You hear the horrifying groans. Decaying hands scrabble at the door, trying to find a way in. They want to eat you. You sit down on the sofa, kick your feet up and open a can of Spam. No worries. You’re inside a Zombie Fortification Cabin from Tiger Log […]

Bub from "Day of the Dead" (1985, United Film)

Tap into Halloween with these Horror-themed Apps

We rarely cover mobile apps here on The G.O.R.E. Score (something we’ll definitely look to correct in the future!), so with Halloween just around the corner, we thought it would be the ideal time to introduce our readers to some of the best horror-themed apps that are currently available for iPhone and Android users. If […]


Zombie Pub Crawl Sets World Record

From WWCO in Mineapolis:   The massive crowd of zombies that took over downtown Minneapolis Saturday night was one for the record books. According to Zombie Pub Crawl organizers, the event– which had an official number of 15,458 zombies walking through the Warehouse District – set a Guinness World Record for the “largest gathering of […]

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Shark Week: do “Zombie Sharks” exist?

From Dig Magazine: Unless you live under a rock (or at the bottom of the Marianas Trench), you’re aware that it’s Shark Week. In a tradition almost as revered as the Super Bowl, Discovery channel is filling every minute of it with over-the-top programming about the dorsal-finned apex predators of the ocean. Our fascination with […]


Interview: August Fahren

Recently, TheGOREScore.com had an opportunity to pick the brain of author August Fahren.  Below are the results – read on, if you dare! AUTHOR BIO: August V. Fahren is the author of highly entertaining and weird (i.e. Bizarro) fantasy and horror stories. Often these quirky and strangely compelling tales are described by their contrasting elements […]

The Dying Times - Featured

G.O.R.E. Score: The Dying Times: Nadene’s Story

Original Release Date: November 2, 2010 Publisher: Late Nite Books Editor’s Note: the version of the book provided for our review is now out of print. The revised second edition can be found by clicking here. Believe it or not, biological warfare isn’t a 20th Century concept. I found out (on good old Wikipedia) that […]

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G.O.R.E. Score: Deadcore – 4 Hardcore Zombie Novellas

G.O.R.E. Score: Deadcore – 4 Hardcore Zombie Novellas

Original Release Date: September 30, 2010 Publisher: Comet Press What attracts certain people to grotesque, macabre, or torturous perverse images of people doing inexplicable deeds to his/her fellow man? Why are there so many people who get a thrill witnessing or reading about these violent acts? Is it that we as humans are an intrinsically […]


Interview: Derek J. Goodman

Interview: Derek J. Goodman

Recently, TheGOREScore.com had an opportunity to pick the brain of author Derek J. Goodman.  Below are the results – read on, if you dare! AUTHOR BIO: Derek J. Goodman is the author of the novel “Machina” and the story collections “Machina” and “All Hell’s A-Buying Froztees.” When he’s not writing, he’s a librarian in Wisconsin. […]

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“G.I. Zombie” Resurrected at DC Comics

“G.I. Zombie” Resurrected at DC Comics

From USA Today: DC Comics’ newest comic book stars the few, the proud and the undead. Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie revives the long-running military-tinged anthology series with a soldier who’s pretty much dead but has been serving the government in secrecy for many years and many American wars. Batwing writing team Jimmy Palmiotti and […]