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G.O.R.E. Score: Pontypool

Pontypool (2009)

Pontypool (2009)

Original Release Date: March 6, 2009
Run Time: 95 minutes

When spending a few moments recently aimlessly surfing the online zombie boards and forums, as I tend to do in the vast majority of my ever-dwindling free time, I kept stumbling across the same word, a word that didn’t make any sense to me: Pontypool. It’s a funny-sounding word, and it’s also the title of a zombie movie that had generated a good amount of buzz from the people that had seen it.

Well, you know me: if there’s a new zombie movie/book/game/comic out there that has a chance to entertain me, I’m gonna do my darndest to go out and find it. After a quick little search, I was able to snag a copy from a media-swapping site I am a member of, and when the disc arrived I popped it in, eager to see what I had in store for me during my first viewing.

“Pontypool” is a very different kind of zombie film, and I have to give its creators credit for giving the world a movie that feels so familiar yet so unique. Based on Tony Burgess’ novel Pontypool Changes Everything, Burgess himself helped adapt this tale of a small Canadian town, the titular Pontypool, that over the course of one day endures a maddening and frightening outbreak that turns its residents into violent killers.


One comment on “G.O.R.E. Score: Pontypool

  1. I’ve wanted to see this one for quite a while, if for no other reason than the novelty of the idea. Unfortunately, it seems like Netflix is never gonna get the dang thing! Thanks for the heads up review. Based on the review, it is still a movie I wish to see and will have to keep searching for it or nagging Netflix to bring it into stock.

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