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G.O.R.E. Score: Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead

Original Air Date: 2008 (online and local TV) Run Time: 24-50 minutes per episode (8 episodes) As a multi-Dead Letter Award winner, I have a special place in my heart for me fellow DLA honorees, both those that also won this year and those that were graced with the honor in previous years.  This year, […]

G.O.R.E. Score: Zombie Women of Satan

Zombie Women of Satan (2009) Original Release Date: August 31, 2009 (U.K.) Run Time: 85 minutes Exactly one year ago (of the date this review was initially posted), I reviewed a film from 1964 called “The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-up Zombies.” In that review, I said the following: “Sometimes you […]

G.O.R.E. Score: Project 9

Project Nine (2010) Original Release Date: May 2010 (non-retail) Run time: 75 minutes In my never-ending attempts at connecting with and chatting up zombie fans, I get asked the same question over and over and over: “have you seen EVERY zombie movie ever made?”  Unlike a lot of other questions I’m asked that I actually […]

G.O.R.E. Score: Zombie Honeymoon

Zombie Honeymoon (2004) Release Date: 2004 (cable-TV movie; DVD) Run Time: 83 minutes The honeymoon is over. “Zombie Honeymoon” is an independent, ultra-low-budget film that tries its hardest to be charming; even though it does have an interesting conceit, the film presented to the viewer is boring and wholly unrealistic, and ultimately falls flat on […]

G.O.R.E. Score: Boy Eats Girl

Boy Eats Girl (2005) Original Release Date: April 6, 2005 Run Time: 77 minutes This is the first viewing I’ve ever had of a zombie movie that came out of Ireland, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. “Boy Eats Girl” was clearly made in response to the success of 2004’s smash zom-com hit […]

G.O.R.E. Score: Night of the Creeps

Night of the Creeps (1986) Original Release Date: August 22, 1986 Run Time: 88 minutes There’s a lot of shady stuff that goes on at night. At least, that’s if you believe everything the movies tell you. Night is where “Fright” happens, when a “Comet” will come crashing down on you, and now it’s when […]

G.O.R.E. Score: Silent Night, Zombie Night

Silent Night Zombie Night (2009) Original Release Date: November 22, 2009 (USA film festival premiere) Run Time: 83 minutes Does a title “make” a story? Observe, if you will, Sean Cain’s movie, “Silent Night, Zombie Night;” in-depth details of the movie will be forthcoming below, but for such a holiday-centric title, the inclusion of Christmas […]