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G.O.R.E. Score: Marvel Zombies: Dead Days

Marvel Zombies Dead Days (2008)

Marvel Zombies Dead Days (2008)

Original Release Date: April 23, 2008 (collected)
Number of Issues: 10 (3 3-issue story arcs and a 1-issue one-shot)
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

“Marvel Zombies: Dead Days” is a graphic novel that essentially fills in the pieces of the Marvel Zombies story. Any part of the Marvel Zombie story that took place in a comic other than the streamlined “Marvel Zombies” mini-series has been collected into this volume for easy access to the reader; as a result, this is a fairly sizeable graphic novel, but can also be a bit confusing as the various sections of the story jump around within the Marvel Zombie timeline.

A little bit of background into the history of the Marvel Zombie saga, for those that may be unfamiliar: the zombies in question are actually from a parallel universe, and first made their appearance in the pages of the “Ultimate Fantastic Four” series written by Mark Millar. In the zombies’ universe, the plague had actually come to their world from another parallel universe as well, only their Earth wasn’t able to repel the disease, which turned super-powered beings into intelligent reanimated beings who could only think rationally after they had eaten, in an attempt to satiate their ever-powerful hunger. Once the super-heroes had devoured every living human and animal on their Earth, the “zombie Fantastic Four” reached out across the dimensional plane to find other worlds to pillage, and made contact with the universe that the Ultimate Fantastic Four inhabit.


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