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Zombie Pub Crawl Sets World Record

From WWCO in Mineapolis:


The massive crowd of zombies that took over downtown Minneapolis Saturday night was one for the record books.

According to Zombie Pub Crawl organizers, the event– which had an official number of 15,458 zombies walking through the Warehouse District – set a Guinness World Record for the “largest gathering of people dressed as zombies.”

The official tally was set at 9: 30 p.m., ZPC organizers said.

However, the total count for zombies at the event was nearly 22,000. But, to meet the Guinness definition of a “gathering,” organizers say they had to subtract the capacity of the bars when counting the official number.

This was ZPC’s tenth year, and it wasn’t the first time they made it into the record books. In 2012, ZPC set the world record with 8,000 zombies in St. Paul’s Midway Stadium. Then again, the unofficial zombie count that year was an astounding 25,000.

While this year’s event brought lots of fake blood and people to downtown establishments, not everyone was happy about how the pub crawl was planned out.

Retailers said they lost business on Saturday because main roads were blocked off for the event. They also said they didn’t know about the road closures until a few days before the pub crawl was to take place.

Some business owners have requested that ZPC organizers compensated them for the loss of sales.


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