G.O.R.E. Score: Invasion

Invasion (2007)
Invasion (2007)


Original Release Date: Septbmer 5, 2007
Run Time: 81 minutes (65 actual mins.; see below)

Ever have a book, movie, etc., that you learned or heard a little bit about in advance? You still don’t know much about the piece of work, but the little anticipation bug has been planted in your head, and you start to hype yourself up in advance – you are so confident you are going to enjoy this thing, even though you’re not quite sure why.

Well, that was me with “Invasion.” I had seen the preview for this movie a while back on the DVD of “Undead” (an enjoyable little film I reviewed a while back, the results of which you can take a peek at here), and those few minutes of film highlights made this movie seem really cool – some text that informs you that the movie is going to be a “pseudo-documentary,” a la “The Blair Witch Project,” except this film will be showing you footage caught on the dashboard camera of a police cruiser.

The idea certainly intrigued me – a “verite”-style zombie movie, using the unique approach of showing the entire film from the third-person yet “realistic” perspective of a recording from a cop car…count me in! I kept my eye out for an opportunity to pick up the movie on DVD, but never really actively went searching after it.


3 comments on “G.O.R.E. Score: Invasion

  1. Well, I know not to watch this one 🙂 Thanks Tony.

  2. Well, it at least sounds like an interesting concept. But I will second Peligrie’s comment and thank you for viewing this so I don’t have too!

  3. This one may not be worthy of even a drinking game! And that is saying a lot.

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