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G.O.R.E. Score: Marvel Zombies 2

Marvel Zombies 2 (2008)

Marvel Zombies 2 (2008)

Original Release Date: June 1, 2008 (collected)
Number of Issues: 5
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment


 “MZ2” follows the continuity of the storyline set up in the first “Marvel Zombies” mini-series. It is now 40 years after the zombie plague first found its way into this dimension, and the small group of superhero zombies that survived and somehow managed to work together have gone all around the known universe, eating every living thing they can find. They believe they have eaten everything, so they decide to return to Earth to see if they can repair a dimensional gateway the Fantastic Four were working on, in order to travel to an alternate universe, presumably one with a fresh food supply. When the zombies return to Earth, however, they find that a small group of humans and superheroes have survived, and the battle for survival ensues.

Everything else you need to know about the premise and overview of the “Marvel Zombie” series has been explained in the previous reviews of “MZ: Dead Days” and the original “MZ” mini-series, so let’s jump right into the Score action.


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