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AMC unleashes the “Zombie Experiment” on New York City

From the Associated Press:

AMC has upped the ante in its dispute with Dish Network by unleashing a wave of the undead upon New York City.

The network, home to the hit zombie drama “The Walking Dead,” was recently dropped by the satellite provider after the two failed to reach a new contract extension. Since then, it’s been a war of the words — with AMC’s latest effort a creative means to raise awareness for its side.

Unlike the amateur “zombie walks” that often spring up around the nation, the zombies created for this campaign were based on the same professional makeup used for “The Walking Dead.” The impact, as shown in the video, was exactly what you would expect.

“One person was eating a sandwich and dropped the sandwich to the ground once she realized the hotdog vendor was a zombie,” Michael Krivicka, who co-founded the marketing firm Thinkmodo, told the Wall Street Journal.

After a series of shots that include an undead taxi driver, policeman, and a creepy boy, a zombie is shown walking down the street and dragging a Dish satellite behind him. The words “Zombies don’t belong here. Put them back on TV” flash on the screen; followed by a link to a campaign site detailing its dispute with the satellite provider.

“The simple truth is that DISH is using their consumers as pawns to attempt to gain leverage in a lawsuit involving an old and unrelated business venture that has nothing to do with AMC, nothing to do with our shows or fees, and certainly nothing to do with DISH subscribers, who just want to watch the shows they love and are paying DISH for,” says the site. “You will not see any AMC Networks’ shows on DISH any time soon.”

Only two days after its posting, the “Zombie Experiment” video already has more than 650,000 views on YouTube, fulfilling the viral message AMC was going for. Have a look at the reactions of New Yorkers confronted with realistic zombies below.


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