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G.O.R.E. Score: Z-Motors

Z-Motors (2010)
Z-Motors (2010)

Original Release Date: November 15, 2010
Publisher: New Line Press

New Line Press is a publishing company that has been in existence since 2003, and seems to specialize these days in putting out short e-books at a low price for the consumer, usually just a dollar or two. I like this idea and the format, and I give New Line credit for being up-front and honest about the entire system, instead of attempting to minimize the fact that what they sell are essentially short stories and novellas at a very reasonable price.

NLP’s main genres of publication are paranormal and romance, which seems like an odd pairing, but the stories they publish fall into one category or the other, I haven’t seen any crossover, “Twilight”-esque stuff on their site. While I am obviously going to leave the reviews of the romancers to other sites, I did recently have a chance to review one of their zombie e-books, “Z-Motors,” written by Colorado-based novelist Terry Wright.

“Z-Motors” tells the tale of Dean Zyla, owner of Z-Motors auto shop in tiny Rolling Oaks, Colorado. Of the many problems Zyla faces, one of his primary concerns are that his mechanics are inept and usually cause more damage to the cars they are trying to fix. Understandable, really: all the mechanics are mindless zombies.


One comment on “G.O.R.E. Score: Z-Motors

  1. Now that I am getting a kindle, stuff like this might be worth checking out. It at least sounds like an interesting short story. Certainly a unique idea.

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