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G.O.R.E. Score: Dead Irons

Dead Irons (2009)

Dead Irons (2009)

Original Release Date: September 16, 2009
Total Number of Issues: 4 (Mini-series)
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Well, maybe the third time really IS the charm!

Avid G.O.R.E. Score readers will recall that I like to aimlessly wander the Humor section of my local bookstore (because this is where the zombie books are shelved – long story, click here if you don’t recall my original rant on the subject) hoping to find something new and unknown – well, unknown to me, anyhow. Dedicated readers will also recall that I have previously found two zombie-centric graphic novels by randomly perusing the Graphic Novel section of the bookstore, and both have been, to put it nicely, less awesome than I’d hoped (the two books in question are “Living With the Dead” and “Zombieland: Champion of the Worms,” both by Dark Horse press).

Late last week I found myself once again randomly scanning the shelves in the Graphic Novel section when my eyes fell upon an interesting title: “Dead Irons.” After a moment of hesitation based on the lack of success of my other two “finds,” I picked it up; after seeing the stunningly attention-grabbing front cover and reading the inside of the dust jacket (yes, it’s a hardcover graphic novel…classy!), I was ready to see if this is the book that could break the Crap Streak.


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