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G.O.R.E. Score: Zombies Can’t Dance

Zombies Can't Dance

Zombies Can't Dance

Original Release Date: October 2009
Total Track Time: 46 minutes
Website: Zombiescantdance.com

“Zombies Can’t Dance” is an ambitious project blending music and visual picture elements to tell its story of the zombie apocalypse. Creator Luke Kuzava has crafted a very unique way to tell his story, and the story itself is very unique as well. ZCD is a compilation of 10 different songs, each telling a different part of the tale in seemingly chronological order. Accompanying each song is an illustration of the central theme of that song, so what you get is essentially a soundtrack, each song with a different musical style, which tells the story, along with a “graphic novel” approach to showing you the visual interpretation of the story. It’s definitely a very different way to experience the story of a zombie apocalypse, and you may find yourself, like I did, getting hooked on the story very quickly and listening to the music over and over – it’s very catchy stuff! I find myself humming “Aim for the Head” and “The Last Party Ever” constantly.


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