My Own Zombie Writings

Original Short Story: A Disagreeable Affectation

Here is the original bio that accompanied this story in it’s various submissions: Tony Schaab returns with his second zombie short story, following the quirky “PaparazZombie” with an equally odd successor.  “A Disagreeable Affectation” started it’s life as a scripted scene Tony wrote for a comedy show put on by IndyProv, Indianapolis’ only independent improvised-comedy […]

Original Short Story: PaparrazZombie!

PaparazZombie! By Tony Schaab Originally written: April 2009 Nobody seemed to know exactly how, when, or why the dead started to rise. Heck, for the first month or so of the news coverage, most of the major television networks even refused to use the term “zombie” on their newscasts. Like it was some sort of […]